Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Short Hike

                                                                 Short  Hike

                                            Sixty degree weather
                                            A trail collecting pine needles
                                            Shedding pine trees - covering
                                                                             - encompassing
                                                                             - guarding

                                             Your hike is secure
                                             Your steps are sure
                                             Your mind is stable

                                             Gradually you reach the ridge
                                             Crossing over you hear
                                                      water spillage in the crick
                                                      wind low in the brush
                                                      restless trees swaying slow

                                             Descending below
                                                      you stop
                                                      you breathe
                                                      you return









Friday, October 21, 2016

Time for a redo.

           Remember when I was on the lake or in the woods every week and writing of my adventures and sharing Gracie stories? No! I don't either. It has been a long, long while and I'm missing those days. How do I say it - things, events, life, circumstances, maybe even the desire has slowly been wearing away this older man's enjoyment of living. Now that's real close to sad, changes should be made! Positive, get off your butt, relax and feel life once again, smell the fall air and feel the crisp mountain streams.

             While working on the day shift this week, I had one of those thoughts that usually get me into trouble. I thought, I need to take the canoe to the lake and do me some paddling, so I did!

            Eighty-seven degrees, sun shining, water warm, slight breeze, dipping the paddle into lake water. October 19, 2016, who would have thought it would be so warm and nice here in SC. I am very ready for cooler weather but will enjoy these random warm days. Leaves haven't yet begun to realize it's their time to become beautiful but they will and when they do they will be beautiful. I've seen pictures of the most gorgeous rolling hills in PA and know that our SC trees can do just as well.

           On the water stripped down to just my swimsuit; comfortable physically and emotionally. The steady stroke pushing the canoe forward relieves weary mind and body. One and a half hours watching the bow ease aside the water as I meander  along the crooked shoreline. The sun has long set and darkness is hurrying to fill her vacancy before I reach the boat ramp making for a black silent take out. Gracie would sigh and eagerly settle on the seat waiting for me to load the truck. I wear the headlamp, needed to strap the canoe tight and not trip over my own feet. I sit in the car in the dark and am creeped out by the absolute blackness, where is the half moon? It's not shining on this spot!

          Make it home OK, still haven't taken canoe off of car, might want to use it tomorrow.

          On the Water,




Monday, June 8, 2015

What happens when you poke a rattlesnake with a stick? Watch!