Monday, June 8, 2015

What happens when you poke a rattlesnake with a stick? Watch!

Not camping with a Timber Rattlesnake on Lake Jocassee!

Timber Rattlesnake!
          What a beautiful day to paddle north - on the wonderful Lake Jocassee. Nathan, my fourteen year old great-nephew and I have all afternoon and evening to do just that, so we do! The weather is mild and a light breeze is flowing across the water, excellent canoeing conditions. We are headed to the small camp site on the right side of the lake.This is a few hundred yards before the lake ends and the Toxaway River roars into the lake rushing around and over the rocky barrier which prevents canoes, kayaks, and boats from going any further upstream. A  suspension bridge crosses over the river and  allows the Foothills trail traffic to safely pass over. A smaller suspension bridge crosses over Toxaway Creek, both bridges bounce and sway when fourteen year old boys cross, as only they can! There is an official camp ground established next to Toxaway Creek and the lake, it hides under a shelter of tall trees. Tables have been set up and fire rings are provided. We hoped to sleep under the safety of the extremely thin rainfly and mesh covering of our individual tents on down the trail to the previously mentioned site, but someone else was setting up camp as we glided by.
First choice view!

          There is no place to tie off your canoe and easily unload all the "STUFF" needed to rough it in the wilds on the shore of Lake Jocassee, but somehow we managed. I had my sweet little heart all set on camping by the lake with a finished view of the day. With that thought in mind Nathan and I hiked over to our first choice just to see what was what, and we found the camp site all set up but no one home. So, we headed back and on the way back checked out another site near the lake but the view is not so good. I walked through this site and standing looking through the trees toward the lake ----- HOLD THAT THOUGHT ---

                    God is in Heaven looking down watching me.

                     God, " Saint Peter, remember that snake I had crawl over next to that tree? You know he's hard to see he blends in so well."

                     Peter, "Yes, I remember."

                     God nudges Peter with His elbow and says, " Look at Toby and watch this!"

         Out of the corner of my eye I see a snake stretched out, inches from my right foot! I step back ! Waving' my arms ! Waving' my hands ! Grabbin' the back of my head ! Sweet Jesus it's a snake ! mumblelin' to myself ! it's a snake ! a rattle snake !!!!!!   I almost stepped on a rattle snake !

                     Laughter is heard all over the land of Heaven as God and Peter slap their knees and stomp their feet with heads thrown back laughing the laugh of those who are enjoying anothers discomfort. Jesus walks over to find out whats going on and Peter tells him what just happen.

                     Jesus, "No wonder I have such a hard time with "Do unto others."

          So there I stand, staring at snake and snake is staring at me. Neither Nathan nor I have a camera with us, he runs to the stuff and gets both our cameras. I'm staying with snake so he doesn't crawl away - really what would I do if snake started crawling away? reach out and touch it! shivers just thinking about touching it! Nathan is back! He hands me my camera, but the snake has already turned his head away from us, what should I do?
Timber Rattlesnake
           Hey! Nathan get me a long stick and I'll poke it, when it turns around I'll get it's picture. If there is a hornet's nest close by I'll hit it too!   SO THAT'S WHAT I DO !!!

                                    Give me a few seconds to get the camera pointed correctly then



          In order to see my video of this beautiful snake you will need to highlight the above address and right click, then go down to Open URL and click on it. The video will show up and you can click on it to see what happens!  If that doesn't work for you just type in the address and hopefully that will work.

          So two things definitely not on my bucket list, getting snake bit and getting shot. I think either one would really hurt and cause confusion in my life. I missed a good opportunity to get bit and I am so thankful! God was good to me!

          Because of the snake being at the camp site we quickly decided to set up at the main camping area and enjoy our evening. Built a small fire and roasted some hot dogs, best hot dogs ever! Been a long time since I had had hot dogs cooked over an open fire. Rain started about eight-thirty and we scampered into the tents and stayed until morning light. Slowly paddled back to the boat ramp, no hurry, Nathan fished, no bites, relaxing day spent on a clam lake.

          A couple loons were on the lake, some fish jumped, we saw huge fish swimming under us, but nothing was more exciting than the rattlesnake. In the past I have seen bear on two different occasions and seen a few deer, a couple of otter followed me a short ways one day and a family of wood ducks scurried ahead of the canoe early one spring morning. Always good to be on the lake!

          More pictures of Mr. Timber Rattlesnake and then I close.

Pretty coloring.

Thirteen rattles?

                 In the woods or on the water,



                     As you can I was able to post just the snake video, will be easier for all to see!

                      This computer stuff hurts my brain!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Ellicott Wilderness


          It was a nice day and we had to get out of the house and into the woods! The boy needs to learn to love the great outdoors and there is no better way to do it then to take a hike. We use a three wheeled stroller which moves us along, up and over rocks and roots, across creeks and streams and allows us to either walk or ride on the trail. It is great fun, even though we don't go far. My back pack is filled with diapers and little boxed drinks, small snacks and changes of clothes, wet wipes and toilet paper, knives and fire starter, a survival kit and Nalgene bottles, love and some toys. We don't hurry or gaze at landscapes, we stop and look at sticks, stones, rocks, leaves! We bump, splash, bounce, roll, turn, go we-e-e-e-e! Scream, laugh, talk, sing, stare, smile!  We're together in the woods - What's another mile?

          In the woods,

          Turtle and Hatch